News Release (February 2, 2004)

TKO Launches Conference Furnishings Business Line

SAN JOSE (February 2, 2004) - Turn-Key Operations, Inc. (TKO), a video communications solutions provider serving commercial, government, educational and international enterprises, today announced that it has launched a business line that will provide high quality furnishings including executive board room tables that add additional value to the video conferencing systems the company now sells and services.

The focus of this new business line is to improve the utility of video conferencing systems by including easy access to functional connections such as data ports, power modules and XGA connectors. These interfaces can be customized into "connection modules" and inset into the high quality business grade tables and furnishings TKO will now offer. Additionally, TKO can install them into a customer's existing furniture.

"This solves the critical problem faced by nearly every user of video conferencing equipment at some point, namely: how easily can a I get content out of my laptop computer and into my business meeting? If a table with the right connection ports is easily accessible because it is there in front of you, it becomes pretty easy. Our customers asked us for this solution and we have responded." Said John Roensch, TKO's president and CEO.

About TKO

TKO is an industry leader in providing reliable, high-quality video communications solutions for business, government, education and international enterprises. Services include video conferencing software and equipment (Tandberg, Polycom, Sony, Initia AccessSwitch), video and audio streaming, satellite broadcasting and event management. Founded in 1995, TKO is based in San Jose, California, with offices in New York, Washington, D.C., San Diego, Singapore and Ireland.

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