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Multi-Site Meetings

Multi-Site meetings that combine satellite broadcasting, video conferencing, and Internet streaming, are an effective way of gathering a global audience at one time to communicate a critical message.

Town Hall Meetings

Town Hall meetings includes question and answer sessions between many regions and a host location. This multi-site meeting allows all participants to interact with presenters, regardless of location. Additionally, the speakers have the opportunity to hear (and with some technologies, to see) participants as they ask their questions.

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Characteristics of Satellite vs. Video Conferencing Meetings

Listed below are some distinguishing characteristics of each meeting method:

Characteristic Video Conferencing Satellite Broadcasting
Quality of visual images Acceptable Excellent - TV quality
Level of interaction among locations Very High Very Low
Typical cost per hour Moderate High
Typical number of participants 2-25 25-10,000

Launching a New Product or Making Key Announcements

Multi-Site meetings offer a powerful method for a message to be communicated to large groups at multiple locations simultaneously. This can be extremely valuable, especially when launching a new product or making key announcements.

About TKO

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