News Release (Nov. 14, 2014)

GSA Contract Option to Extend is Exercised by GSA

San Jose (Nov. 14, 2014) - Turn-Key Operations, Inc. (TKO) today announced that the U.S. General Services Agency (GSA) has exercised its option to extend TKO's GSA Schedule No. GS-35F-0193W for an additional five years, with a new expiration date of January 2020.

In January of 2010, the GSA originally assigned contract #GS-35F-0193W to TKO in three key areas of video communications provided by the company. The service areas under which TKO provides labor and equipment to agencies of the U.S. Government are in categories of Rental Equipment [SIN 132-4], Professional Technical Services [SIN 132-51] and Electronic Support Services [SIN 132-52], TKO's services can now continue be obtained by any U.S. Government agency quickly and easily through this important procurement vehicle until January 2020.

"Today's election of an option to extend TKO's GSA contract validates the exceptional work our hard working team is delivering to U.S. Government agencies" said John Roensch, president and CEO. "We deeply appreciate service to our government clients and we are pleased to contribute meaningfully to both civilian and military agency missions."

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TKO provides professional services in support of video and audio communications including webcasting, live and interactive streaming services and video conferencing solutions. The company provides both full time and temporary solutions through SIN 132-4 and event based or full time technical, managerial and delivery solutions through SINs 132-51 and 132-52. Services include program management, video helpdesk, key event support, video and audio streaming and collaborative meeting management. Founded in 1995, TKO is headquartered in San Jose, California.

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