News Release (September 5, 2006)

TKO Adds Streaming Service to Video Conferences

SAN JOSE (September 5, 2006) - Turn-Key Operations, Inc. (TKO), a video communications solutions provider serving commercial, government, educational and international enterprises, has added live and on-demand streaming capability to the services its customers can select for point-to-point and multipoint conferences. The conference streaming services can now be added to any video or audio conference hosted by TKO.

In order to meet continually expanding needs within business and government for visual and audio communications services, TKO has launched a set of new products. These products target the growing need to extend the value of business communications beyond the time and place of the meeting itself through use of Internet streaming. The Company's new services enable customers to request an online recording of video and audio conferences that can be retrieved from the Internet using RealPlayer™ or Windows Media™ Player. Virtually any business meeting can now be streamed live or recorded for later viewing in an on-demand file accessible through these players.

The company has created a recording of a video conference hosted by John Roensch, president and CEO of TKO to demonstrate the Company's new services. The video conference recording can be viewed as a video on-demand stream at the following URL:

"Physical recording to tapes or DVD's has long been a standard method of extending the life of business communications. Today, with our streaming services for video conferences and satellite broadcasts, TKO extends the reach of business information by increasing its accessibility" noted John Roensch, TKO's president and CEO. "Online archival and hosting through the Internet allow us to extend the reach of meetings. Most importantly, our services ensure the same image and voice is both seen and heard by every recipient of a message. That's powerful."

About TKO

TKO is an industry leader in providing reliable, high-quality video communications solutions for business, government, education and international enterprises. Services include video conferencing software and equipment (Tandberg, Codian, Polycom, Sony, Initia AccessSwitch), video and audio streaming, satellite broadcasting and event management. Founded in 1995, TKO is based in San Jose, California, with offices in New York, Washington, D.C., San Diego, Singapore and Ireland.

RealPlayer™ and Windows Media™ are trademarks of RealNetworks, Inc. and Microsoft Corporation respectively.

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