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Frequently, users interact with video communications equipment, especially a video conferencing system, much like they do when watching television. They make adjustments to improve picture or audio quality in each session. This should be expected because many users have televisions at home to which they make audio or picture adjustments all the time. Video conferencing equipment appears much like attending a business meeting by watching other parties on television. Herein lies the problem.

Adjustments and Degradation


Problems can occur because users cannot easily decipher whether poor picture quality or sound quality during a video conference is related to equipment adjustments or other factors. Further, because video conferencing quality is dependent on unseen factors such as network bandwidth, a user may not be able to make any adjustment to improve picture or sound quality from inside the video conferencing room at all. This typically won't stop them from trying, however.

Experienced telecom managers come to realize that user initiated adjustments to video systems render these systems unusable over time. At a minimum they result in video and audio degradation that is not actually related to equipment failure. Instead, quality degradation over time is usually due to user adjustment of the video conference system [equipment] to the point of failure.

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All video conferencing networks are subject to this influence and a strong technical team with a regular test and calibration plan is required to keep system functioning properly over time. In effect, systems need some form of technical support to maintain peak performance and uptime. This support is often neglected or overwhelming to organization's I.T. or telecom staff. It can, however, be outsourced to a knowledgeable and experienced vendor through a service plan.

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