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TKO Innovations

Benchmark Testing

TKO benchmark testing services provide data that tracks how your equipment compares to manufacturer specifications under varying degrees of load. The quantitative data from our benchmark testing program enables our customers to maximize system uptime as well as understand potential vulnerabilities within a network configuration.

KWT Laboratory

TKO's own laboratory for developing new configurations and equipment designs. The work from this lab has resulted in creative equipment enhancements and innovative work-arounds for eqiupment failures especially on obsolete models.

Olympia Laboratory

Our premier state-of-the-art testing facility is capable of launching over 100,000 test events per hour. Our rigorous equipment testing results have become the industry standard for several equipment manufacturers.

Urgent Service

TKO offers immediate dispatch and help desk services. Our Urgent Service Team offers a range of technical assistance from telephone help for small issues to immediate onsite assistance.

Video Bookcase

This archival product provides a quick and easy portal to both store and retrieve content on demand. Users are able to download requested content to either a computer, tablet, or SmartPhone.

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