Video Conferencing Bundles

Selecting the right conferencing equipment is key to getting value from your video network. While there are several good choices, consideration of the following items should help to narrow your selection to one or two products and manufacturers.

Executive Bundles

The executive boardroom of Fortune 500 companies, government and non-profit organizations can now be used as a viable conferencing tool with the Tandberg 7000 MXP or Tandberg 8000 MXP systems. TKO recommends these executive systems in tandem with a customized electronic conference table. The Tandberg executive system bundle incorporates the sleek design of Tandberg's award winning dual plasma video conferencing systems with an integrated electronic executive conference table.. Your entire staff can "plug-in" and collaborate globally, with ease, and at prices for an entire conference room starting under $39,950.

Plasma System Bundles

Professional conference room systems with widescreen plasma monitors are now an affordable addition to every office. TKO recommends high quality plasma monitors with Sony, Polycom and Tandberg video conferencing systems. We combine an elegant cart, installation and one year of onsite service support at prices from just $9,995.

Vendor Partnerships

Seldom considered at the early stages of acquiring video communications equipment, vendor selection is likely to provide the most long lasting benefit to your video conferencing deployment. Good vendors (also called resellers) are available to offer services long after a product is upgraded, modified or discontinued by the manufacturer. Therefore, the longest relationship you will have with respect to your video network is likely to be with your vendor, if you choose your vendor/reseller wisely. A good vendor/reseller can minimize headaches with systems, service and upgrades for many years.

TKO Video Communications

TKO is a global leader in the video communications industry. We provide global satellite broadcasting services, video conferencing systems (equipment, installation, software and training), audio/web conferencing and streaming services for video and audio events. Our clients include Fortune 500 companies, government and non-profit organizations.

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