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As part of your video conferencing equipment solution, Polycom offers the "Polycom Premier" video conferencing monitors and accessories. Designed and configured to fit a multitude of different environments, Polycom monitors and its accessories can be used with either IPower or ViewStation video conferencing systems. They range from the traditional television grade Premier 27" (NTSC display) to the state-of the-art "Premier Plasma 50". Polycom monitors provides a high performance crystal clear sound system coupled with Polycom's leading voice technology.

Cutting Edge Monitors for Today's Market

Polycom provides cutting edge technology monitors for today's video conferencing market. Whether your video conferencing is configured for a small conference room or a large executive suite, Polycom has monitor configured for your video conferencing environment. Listed below are the four different systems that Polycom has to offer.

Polycom monitors can be used with the ViewStation or the IPower video conferencing
system. - Dustin Gabbett, Field Engineer

Premier Multimedia 29 and 32

The Polycom Premier Multimedia 32 monitor provides high-quality live video display in conjunction with high-resolution data sharing. Coupled with the ViewStation video conferencing system and Visual Concert™ or the iPower system and ImageShare™, viewers and content can be displayed simultaneously at the highest resolution. The Premier Multimedia 32 includes a single 32-inch NTSC display (best for live video), and a 32-inch XGA monitor for high-resolution graphics and data. A custom-designed mobile cart and high-fidelity Bose® sound system are included with the package. (Premier Multimedia 29 includes a 29-inch PAL display and 32-inch XGA monitor.)

Premier Dual 29 and 32

The dual monitors of the Premier Dual 32 is great for local and remote full screen viewing simultaneously. The dual 32-inch NTSC displays and an integrated Bose sound system with a ViewStation system is designed for a wide range of collaboration environments. (Premier Dual 29 monitors includes dual 29-inch PAL displays.).

Premier 27, 29 and 32

The Premier 32 can be integrated with the Polycom ViewStation system and is an ideal monitor solution for small offices and small conference rooms. The Premier 32 provides live video conferencing and data sharing on a single display and is equipped with an integrated high fidelity Bose® sound system. (The Premier 29 includes a 29-inch PAL display and the Premier 27 includes a 27-inch NTSC display.)

Premier Plasma 50

The Polycom Premier Plasma 50 monitor delivers crisp video quality picture and an integrated high fidelity sound system monitor and is perfect for the executive suite and large conference room. The 50-inch NEC multimedia monitor can provide split screening and can be used in tandem with the Visual Concert and ViewStation systems as well as ImageShare and the IPower video conferencing system. It can also be placed on a table or mounted on a wall of an office or classroom and a portion of the screen can be magnified 9X.

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