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TKO maintains, supports, and sells obsolete equipment that is no longer supported by the manufacturer to assist you in the day-to-day operation of your video conference network.

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Founded in 1990, Polycom develops, manufactures and markets a full range of high-quality, easy-to-use and affordable voice and video communication endpoints, video management software, web conferencing software, multi-network gateways, and multipoint conferencing and network access solutions. TKO understands the importance of quality conferencing equipment to our customers' crucial video networks. We are always available to assist and develop solutions to your most complex video conferencing issues.

TKO Video Communications can help you choose a Polycom that is cost effective for your company and customized for your unique video conferencing needs.

Authorized Polycom Reseller

Authorized Polycom Reseller

As a Polycom Reseller of video conferencing equipment and a global leader in video network services, training and sales, TKO not only provides excellent pricing and quality installation but a commitment to your video network. Whether your company or organization is installing 5,10 or 50 sites our project management experts and qualified support staff are always available to assist and manage your equipment and network.

As an industry leader, Polycom recognizes the need for products that address both economy and capability. Polycom offers a diversified line of audio and video conferencing equipment to meet every budget and every challenge. From the desktop to the boardroom, Polycom has a solution for every need.
ViaVideo II The Polycom ViaVideo II is the best low cost video conferencing product available today. It runs on most any current Windows* based laptop or PC with a USB port and 128K of RAM. The ViaVideo installs in minutes and offers an amazingly simple user interface. The ViaVideo follows the H.323 standard for IP communications. It connects easily and seamlessly with other H.323 compliant video conference systems.
ViewStation The ViewStation is the cornerstone of Polycom's product line. ViewStations can be configured for low bandwidth 128K calling where economy is required, yet they can deliver up to full T1/E1 speed (over 1.5Mbps) in applications that demand crystal clear video images. ViewStations are ideal for a broad range of video conferencing applications. A ViewStation with a single, high quality, monitor is small enough to accommodate most any conference room. In larger spaces, the ViewStation can be installed with multiple monitors - offering endless possibilities for displaying people, documents and graphics such as PowerPoint* presentations
Polycom Executive Collection Wall or floor models with a sleek design that include a choice of dual or single 50" or 61" plasma monitors. The Executive Collection with its' quality audio and video conferencing system is the perfect candidate for the executive boardroom.
iPower 9000 Codec This product line, recently introduced, offers multimedia capabilities that deliver audio and video streaming as well as digital recording. The iPower is built around a high performance computing engine and therefore it offers the intelligent features and capabilities of today's computer systems along with the incredible video conferencing capability that has made Polycom an industry leader. Additionally, the iPower product line supports the newly adopted H.264 communications protocol for high quality motion handling at even the lowest line speeds or bandwidths.
Monitors From the traditional television grade Premier 27" (NTSC display) to the state-of the-art "Premier Plasma 50", Polycom offers a wide selection of video conferencing monitors. Additionally, where possible, TKO matches the look of each monitor with the look of the cart supporting it: for example silver monitors with silver-toned carts. This creates an elegant look suitable for most any business, education or government environment.

Accord Networks

Polycom acquired Accord Networks, a leading provider of next-generation, rich-media network infrastructure products in February, 2001. Accord products such as the MGC-50 and MGC-100 have set a standard for carrier grade, high performance multipoint conferencing systems (MCU's). These MCU's enable video conferences to include 3, 5, 10, 20 or more locations simultaneously. Each location can be both seen and heard as meeting participants interact.


Polycom acquired PictureTel Corporation in October, 2001. PictureTel, to that time, had been a leader in the video conferencing industry for many years with flagship, high quality products such as the PictureTel Concorde, the PictureTel 4000 and 4500 series, as well as the PictureTel Venue. While PictureTel products have been discontinued, many organizations continue daily use of the PictureTel Montage MCU and both the PictureTel 4500 EX and 4500 ZX systems. These high quality systems were built to last. TKO continues to offer service plans for these older systems that keep them in service and running. Today, some of these systems are well into their 10th year of operation.

Maintenance and service

Customizing Your Needs

At TKO, we believe in finding solutions for all your video conferencing needs. Our solutions include: network services, installation, testing, maintenance and service plans as well as urgent service and training programs for your employees. Contact us at 1 800-216-3476 today for further information on how TKO can be a valued asset to your organization.

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TKO Video Communications is an industry leader in providing reliable, high-quality video communications solutions for local, nationwide and international enterprises. Our services include streaming video and audio, video conferencing software and equipment (Radvision, Cisco Systems, Initia AccessSwitch, Sony, Tandberg and Polycom), audio conferencing, satellite broadcasting and event management.

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