LifeSize Legacy Equipment

TKO maintains, supports, and sells obsolete equipment that is no longer supported by the manufacturer to assist you in the day-to-day operation of your video conference network.

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LifeSize delivers superior quality, high definition video communications over your IP network. This commitment to constant innovation enables LifeSize to deliver the best price-to-performance products, the best quality at all bandwidths and new generation architecture built with the universal interoperability.

LifeSize manufactures a wide array of HD video communications solutions using advanced technology to deliver a truly stunning exerience. LIfeSize products enable the highest quality video conferencing solutions available on the market today, and each system is built to be user friendly, reliable, and to create a truly interactive audio and visual experiences.

Authorized LifeSize Reseller

Authorized LifeSize Reseller

TKO is an authorized reseller of all LifeSize products. Our experienced project managers and engineers will install and test every function of these systems within your network and provide professional training to your employees. You can rest easy that your staff will be proficient in using these products and that your infrastructure will be up and running quickly. TKO provides solutions for all of your video conferencing needs from our full range of video conferencing equipment to our professional services (including outsourcing and service plans).

LifeSize High Definition Video Products
LifeSize Team MP It embodies all of the great features of the standard LifeSize Team System with the addition of embedded 4 way continuous multipoint options.
LifeSize Conference It brings High Defnition telepresence over multiple screens to masses. As a standards based video conferencing system, LifeSize Conference brings people together and gets your message across without boundaries in a single cost effective solution.
LifeSize High Definition Audio Products
LifeSize Phone It is the high definition audio conference phone that delivers revolutionary audio conferencing sound quality and room coverage. This device eliminates echoes and electronic shielding eliminates the annoying "buzz" picked up by many conference phones while cellular phones and PDAs are present.
LifeSize Communication Infrastructure Products
LifeSize Transit It is a firewall and NAT traversal solution that enables people to make video calls within and across enterprises and organizations by securely traversing firewalls. The end result is simple, secure, and seamless audio/video communications between external and internal network systems.
LifeSize Networker It is an enhanced gateway for integration between IP and ISDN networks. This product is compact in design and offers multiple network modules for connecting legacy systems with LifeSize endpoints.
LifeSize Gateway It is an enterprise solution for connecting systems between ISDN and IP networks. It is available in a rack mountable unit with PRI and serial interfaces
LifeSize Multipoint It is a HD Multipoint Control Unit (MCU) made for multipoint conferencing at the highest qualities. It allows many users to connect into a conference whether they are in the same building or on the other side of the planet.
LifeSize Management Solutions
LifeSize Control It is management software that provides complete support for multi-vendor environments. The application is designed for IT managers and video network administrators responsible for conferencing networks in a single or multi-vendor environment.
LifeSize Gatekeeper It is a standards based H.323 gatekeeper that provides detailed management of video conferencing and IP telephony networks. With a gatekeeper, users can create dialing plans and optimize bandwidth utilization to deliver carrier grade, high quality connections among systems.
LifeSize Accessories
LifeSize SDI Adapter It is management software that provides complete support for multi-vendor environments. The application is designed for IT managers and video network administrators responsible for conferencing networks in a single or multi-vendor environment.
Free trial and demo

Free Trial and Demonstration

LifeSize endpoints and products are available, at no cost, for trial and demo by our qualified engineeers and salespeople. Please contact TKO toll free at 1.800.216.3476 or email for more information.

Maintenance and service

Maintenance and Service Plans

At TKO, we deliver same day service for MISSION CRITICAL systems that you depend on for reliable, quality communications. From endpoints to gatekeepers to multipoint control units, TKO services a myriad of the audio and video conferencing products that keep your organization operating efficiently and effectively. Contact TKO professional services at 1.800.216.3476 or visit our Service Plans page for more specifics.

Training program

Training Programs

Due to customer requests, TKO has implemented a variety of training programs suited towards administrators running ISDN and IP communications networks. From the basics of how to use a system to installing a communications infrastructure, our training staff will detail how to run an optimal network. Visit our Training product page for more details on TKO training programs.

About TKO

TKO was founded in 1995 and provides video conferencing services for your network and systems. We sell and service equipment from all manufacturers including, but not limited to, Cisco/Tandberg, Polycom, LifeSize and Sony. TKO Video Communications is headquartered in San Jose, California.

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