ViewStation EX - Specifications

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ViewStation EX - Specifications

  • ITU H.323 and H.320 compliant
  • Cisco AAVID certified
  • People+Content allows dual display of video and PC graphics
  • Conference on Demand initiates unscheduled MGC video conferencing calls from the endpoint
  • Call Detail Records enables billing of calls and tracking with Global Management System
  • Polycom Video Error Concealment (PVEC) for improved video quality on networks with packet loss
  • Global Directory Server for live global address book
  • Global Management System for centralized management
  • MGC Click&View integration for individual screen layouts
  • PathNavigator for easier call placement and network cost optimization

Bandwidth of the ViewStation EX

  • Max data rate H.320: up to 512 Kbps
  • Max data rate H.323: up to 768 Kbps

User interface

  • User-friendly graphical user interface that is easy to read from a distance
  • Custom logo on home screen with speed dial numbers
  • Handheld, ergonomic remote control
  • Web interface (Internet Explorer 5.5 & 6.0; Netscape Navigator 6.0 & 6.1)

Video Features

  • 2-monitor support to simultaneously display full-screen video from up to 4 endpoints, plus PC content on a separate XGA projector
  • Automatic VCR recording of all endpoints based on the person who is talking
  • Automatic Picture-in-Picture (PIP)

Video Standards

  • H.261, Annex D
  • H.263+ Annexes: L, F, T, I, J, U, u
  • H.263++ Annex D
  • ITU 60 fields per second letterbox

Video Outputs (5 outputs)

  • 2 x MiniDin S-Video (Support for 2 independent monitors)
  • 1 x RCA/Phono, composite (VCR)
  • 1 x RCA/Phono, composite (monitor)
  • 1 x XGA (projector)

Video Inputs (2 inputs plus camera)

  • Integrated main camera
  • 1 x MiniDin S-Video (document camera)
  • 1 x RCA/Phono, composite (VCR)

Video Formats for the ViewStation EX


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Integrated Main Camera

  • Ultra-quiet, ultra-fast Pan, Tilt, Zoom (PTZ)
  • 65° field of view
  • Tilt range: +/- 25° (up/down)
  • Pan range: +/- 100° (left/right)
  • Total field of view: 265°
  • 12x zoom; f-4.2 to 42mm
  • F=1.85 to 2.9 mm
  • Automatic white balance
  • Auto focus
  • 20 camera presets (10 local and 10 far end)
  • Voice tracking to presets
  • Far end camera control


  • Dual audio (transmits audio from room microphones and PC simultaneously)
  • Dual images (transmits people and high-resolution content simultaneously)
  • Available on IP and ISDN
  • Works from any endpoint with embedded MCU (not just host site)

Live People Video Resolution

  • 4CIF (704 x 576)
  • CIF (352 x 288)
  • QCIF (176 x 144)

Live PC Content Resolution

  • XGA (1024 x 768)
  • SVGA (800 x 600)
  • VGA (640 x 480)
  • 4CIF or CIF for S-Video and composite inputs

Still Image Transfer

  • CIF, 4CIF (H.261 Annex D), 16 CIF high-resolution (H.263)

Optional Visual Concert™ FX

  • Tabletop device (for audio and video input from PC or Macintosh)
  • Input: up to 1280 x 1024, 60 Hz
  • Output: up to 1024 x 768, 60 Hz
  • 1 x audio input for PC
  • 1 x video input for PC up to 1280 x 1024, 60 Hz
  • 1 x video out for projector up to 1024 x 768, 60 Hz
  • 3 x 10/100 Ethernet hub

Other Content Input Options

  • PC Presents for Microsoft PowerPoint presentations from your desktop
  • Polycom SNAP for high-resolution graphics capture of PC content

Audio Features

  • Instant adaptation echo cancellation
  • Automatic Gain Control (AGC) - voice activated
  • Automatic Noise Suppression (ANS)
  • Built-in tonal speaker test
  • Audio mixer
  • Audio level meter
  • Telephone POTS support
  • Ability to talk over VCR audio

Audio standards

  • 7 kHz G.722, G.722.1
  • 3.4 kHz with G.711, G.728

Digital Tabletop Microphone

  • 360° voice pick-up, unidirectional performance
  • Gated mixer built into microphone
  • Automatic room noise reduction
  • 3 hyper-cardiod microphones in each microphone pod
  • Button on each microphone
  • Includes 1 microphone pod
  • Can be mounted to ceiling or walls

Audio Outputs (4 outputs)

  • 2 x RCA/phono line level (main audio)
  • 2 x RCA/phono line level (VCR)

Audio Inputs (4 inputs)

  • RJ-9 to microphone (daisy chain up to 2 microphone pods)
  • 2 x RCA/phono line level (VCR)
  • 1x RCA/phono line level (mixer/auxiliary)

EX Frame Rates (point-to-point video conferencing)

  • 15 fps - 30 fps
  • Intelligently selects frame rate for best video performance
  • Near TV-quality letterbox 60/50 fields video for NTSC/PAL at 512 Kbps and above

Network Features of the ViewStation EX

  • Automatic H.320/H.323 calling
  • Downspeeding over IP and ISDN
  • OneDial intelligent call management attempts call on preferred network (IP or ISDN) and automatically rolls over to secondary network if needed
  • Maximum call length timer
  • Auto SPID detection and configuration
  • NATO standard KG-194/KIV-7 encryptor support with on-screen and address book dialing
  • Software upgradeable Inverse Multiplexer (IMUX)
  • Dial ISDN lines separately or simultaneously

Optional Embedded Multipoint Plus Video Conferencing

  • Supports mixed combinations of IP, ISDN, and analog telephone calls
  • Supports normal analog telephones
  • Supports IP telephones
  • Automatic IP and ISDN downspeeding
  • Dial-in and dial-out during Multipoint Plus calls
  • Continuous presence or voice switched
  • Automatic Multipoint Plus Presentation modes to automatically switch between presenter and continuous presence modes
  • Chair control from endpoints or host system on IP
  • Chair control from endpoints or host system on ISDN
  • Embedded Multipoint Plus video conferencing for 5 sites (4 IP/ISDN sites + 1 POTS audio)
  • Cascade up to 14 sites (10 IP/ISDN sites + 4 POTS audio)
  • Mixed network cascading
  • Password protection for incoming calls
  • Supports People+Content dual streams from any endpoint (not just host site)

View Station EX Quality of Service and Experience - iPriority™

  • Polycom Video Error Concealment (PVEC) for concealing packet loss
  • IP Precedence (ToS)
  • DiffServ DHCP (CoS)
  • Dynamic bandwidth allocation
  • Proactive network monitoring
  • Packet and jitter control
  • Network Address Translation (NAT) support
  • Automatic NAT discovery
  • Asymmetric speed control
  • Fixed TCP/UDP port firewall support
  • Echo cancellation
  • Echo suppression
  • Lip synchronization
  • Auto gatekeeper discovery
  • Automatic gateway dialing profiles
  • Specify outbound call routing for gateway/ISDN
  • Closed captioning and text chat support both in and out of calls
  • Keypad audio confirmation - makes dialing easy

Network Interfaces Supported

  • 2 independent 10/100 Ethernet ports for IP (LAN, DSL, cable modem)
  • Integrated Ethernet switch
  • 1 x POTS for voice
  • Optional Quad BRI (Basic Rate Interface)
  • Optional 2 port serial module (V.35/RS-530/RS-449 with RS-366 dialing)
  • Optional wireless LAN support via Ethernet port

ViewStation EX Security Features

  • Independently tested for endpoint security
  • Enhanced integration for independently certified corporate and classified encryption devices
  • Secure password authentication
  • Unique factory default passwords
  • Dial-in meeting password
  • Administrator password
  • Do not disturb meeting feature for point-to-point video conferencing
  • Do not disturb meeting feature for MPPlus video conferencing calls
  • Select which menu screens to password protect
  • SNMP security alerts for failed and successful password authentication attempts
  • Option to disable remote interfaces (FTP, SNMP, Telnet, HTTP, streaming)
  • Option to disable mixed protocol Multipoint Plus video conferencing calls

Ethernet Connectivity

  • T.120 interface for Microsoft NetMeeting
  • Internal live video unicast or multicast stream to Apple Quicktime, Cisco IP/TV

ViewStation EX System Management

  • SNMP management
  • Software upgrades via PC, IP, or in a ISDN video call
  • Integrated Web server for remote management and Microsoft PowerPoint presentations
  • Remote administrator video-only monitoring of room or calls from integrated Web server (enabled/disabled from endpoint for security)
  • Account number validation at call initiation integrated with Polycom Global Management System for billing purposes
  • Built-in extensive Call Detail Records (CDR) that do not require separate external management system
  • Administrator configurable dialing speeds
  • Complete support for The Polycom Office including the Polycom Global Management System, Polycom Global Address Book, Polycom
  • OneDial and Polycom PathNavigator™

Directory Services

  • 1000+ number local directory
  • 10,000+ number global directory
  • Unlimited MPPlus video conferencing entries
  • Live address book with Polycom Global Address Book automatically and quickly updates directory with address changes or new endpoints
  • Live address book with Polycom Global Address Book automatically and quickly removes endpoints from directory if they are turned off
  • Automatic ISDN localization of calls
  • Polycom Global Address Book integrates with Active Directory/LDAP

Other ITU Supported Standards by the ViewStation EX

  • H.221 communications
  • Bonding, mode 1
  • H.281 far-end camera control
  • H.225, H.245
  • Annex Q standard for FECC in H.323 video conferencing calls


  • Auto-sensing power supply
  • Operating voltage/power 90-260 VAC, 47-63 Hz/40 watts

Data Port

  • RS-232 control port/data communications port (1200 baud to 115k baud asynchronous)
  • API for custom integration with remote devices such as Crestron™ and AMX™ control systems

ViewStation EX Weight and Dimensions

  • Base unit weight: 2.7 kg (6 lbs)
  • Dimensions (W/H/D): 33 cm x 15 cm x 23 cm

Environmental Specifications

  • Operating temperature: 0 to 40° C
  • Operating humidity: 10 to 85% R.H. non condensing
  • Non operating temperature: -40 to 70° C
  • Non operating humidity (non condensing): 10 to 90%

Language Support

  • Chinese, English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Norwegian, Portuguese, Spanish


  • One year parts and labor

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