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TKO maintains, supports, and sells obsolete equipment that is no longer support by the manufacturer to assist you in the day-to-day operation of your video conference network.

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Tandberg video conferencing equipment are known for their quality and engineering. From the sleek Tandberg 1000 personal video conferencing unit to the Tandberg 8000 executive boardroom system, all Tandberg equipment are engineered with the same attention to quality and ease of use.

In fact, Tandberg's entire video conferencing product line uses the same hand held control interface. The easy-to-use remote control, supplied with every Tandberg video conferencing system, manages each Tandberg product in the same way - feature-for-feature. Plus, Tandberg's attention to engineering produces an additional benefit: Quality. For reliability and long life, Tandberg equipment set the industry standard.

From the most economical video conferencing solutions to the most capable, Tandberg has equipment to fit nearly every budget and objective. Listed here are the key Tandberg products that are available through TKO for immediate delivery:
Tandberg EDGE 75/85/95 MXP Series The Tandberg EDGE MXP Series of products offers High Definition 720p video quality that rivals any system on the market. With DuoVideo and H.239 capabilities, collaboration is made simple. You can rest easy that your message will be communcated clearly and effectively to all meeting participants. Add MultiSite functionality for calls with up to 4 video and 3 external audio sites. Tandberg's PrecisionHD camera coupled with CD quality audio makes for a more productive and engaging conferencing experience.
Tandberg 550 The Tandberg 550 is built for economy. It is a capable, low cost, set-top solution that delivers Tandberg quality economically. The 550 is controlled by the same hand-held remote as the entire Tandberg product line. It can also be controlled via a web browser on an IP connection. The 550 is built for small meeting and conference rooms. A single television monitor and microphone along with the 550 transform a work space into a global video conferencing center.
Tandberg 880 Perfect for small to medium size meeting rooms, the 880 can transform one or two television sets into a robust video communication tool. Sharing both presentations from your PC and live interaction among people in distant locations is a snap with the Tandberg 880. This set-top system can be configured with two monitors and microphones for larger meeting
Tandberg 1000 The award winning 1000 is a self-contained video conferencing system that is ideal for executive offices and desktops. It includes an ultra thin frame, a brilliant LCD flat screen, an internal camera, Tandberg's video conferencing codec, and both an integrated speaker and microphone. Both IP and basic rate ISDN (BRI) interfaces are supported. The Tandberg 1000 operates from a web browser and Tandberg's standard easy-to-use remote control.
Tandberg 2500 Designed for medium to large meeting rooms, the Tandberg 2500 roll-about system includes a fully integrated conferencing system with two monitors and a dual monitor stand. The 2500 codec can be purchased individually, without a cart or monitors for custom integration into special video conferencing rooms. The 2500 supports V.35, IP and basic rate ISDN (BRI) network interfaces but it does not support T1/PRI or E1 applications.
Tandberg 6000 This high quality system is engineered to fit most any requirement. Network interfaces included on each Tandberg 6000 are: IP (for H.323 connections), T1/PRI/E1, V.35, and 6 BRI S/T connections (for use in H.320 mode). The 6000 system includes monitors, cart, the Tandberg video conferencing codec, high quality microphone, remote control, internal scan conversion for PC images, and optional multi-site, encryption and PC presentation capabilities. Like the Tandberg 2500, the 6000 can be ordered as a stand-alone codec for integration into special meeting rooms.
Tandberg 7000 A completely integrated system that includes two 30" LCD screens, remote control, tracker, integrated cabling microphone stand and camera. The Tandberg 7000 is a smaller version of the 8000 with no reduction in quality.
Tandberg 8000 This is the leading product for boardroom video conferencing equipment. The Tandberg 8000 features an elegant design with dual 50" plasma screens mounted on a handsome ultra-thin frame. The 8000 offers the perfect video communications experience: providing high quality images, sound, and an exceptionally professional design.
Tandberg Director The Director is equipped with a high resolution XGA LCD projector. It includes a 67" touch-sensitive screen. Unique in the industry, the Tandberg Director is ideal for training rooms, college classrooms and large meeting rooms. The large screen enables in-room presentations, while the video conference capability ensures the message that is being delivered locally reaches the far-end with high quality.
Tandberg MCU The Multipoint Control Unit (MCU) enables groups of video conference users to join the same meeting simultaneously. Up to 16 individual video conference systems can be connected to the same video conference session. The Tandberg MCU also allows telephone callers to join the same conference. Each telephone caller's audio communication is seamlessly integrated into the session. This high quality system offers these capabilities at speeds up to 2 Mbps and all this is accomplished in an MCU that is just one rack unit high.


a. End to end video conferencing control.
a. What is “end to end control”
i. Ownership of all equipment from broadcast to end users.
b. End to end video conferencing control.

How do I connect my legacy equipment to my network for secure video teleconferencing?
a. Update current firmware.
b. Connect comm line to firewall LAN.
c. Make sure data is going through secure port.

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