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Polycom ViaVideo II

polycom viavideo II
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polycom viavideo II
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The Polycom ViaVideo II is an advanced H.323 compliant video conferencing system that installs in minutes. Feature rich and easy to use, the ViaVideo is every bit a state-of-the-art video communications platform for the desktop.

The ViaVideo II system uses your PC's existing Local Area Network (LAN) connection as its communications line. H.323 communication over an IP network is managed from the ViaVideo system through a USB connection to the PC. Everything you need to make this remarkable system work can be installed and configured within minutes.

ViaVideo II without a Gatekeeper

Configuring the ViaVideo II to work on a LAN without a gatekeeper (GK) is straightforward. Simply configure the ViaVideo endpoint with a Static IP address (obtained from your LAN administrator). To call other H.323 systems on your network, just dial their static IP address and the ViaVideo will quickly connect the call. To receive a call, just ask a caller on your LAN to dial your static IP address with their H.323 compliant video conferencing system. Using an address book, you can assign labels to the static IP addresses you frequently dial. Static IP addresses combined with effective use of address books can eliminate the need for a gatekeeper in most networks.

ViaVideo II with a Gatekeeper

Gatekeepers allow registration of endpoints (such as a ViaVideo video conferencing system) within IP zones. This registration allows devices with dynamic IP addresses (those that are assigned new each time a system is rebooted) to retain the same addressing label which is tracked by the gatekeeper.

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