TKO provides high quality live streaming and webcast services to global business, education, and government organizations. Our experienced team of tech experts manage video and collaboration networks for onsite and offsite meetings and special events including Q&A sessions, recordings, and global broadcasts both live or on demand.

Live Streaming & Webcasts

Both these terms refer to the delivery of an electronic transmission across the Internet.

  • Content can be viewed and heard on a computer, SmartPhone, and mobile device
  • A network is used to transmit signals from source to destination
  • The transmitted content is encoded into a variety of decodable formats

Video On Demand

Video on Demand is electronic video media that is archived for viewer-initiated playback on either a PC, Mac, or SmartPhone through the Internet. offers managed online content management with easy user access.

Collaboration - WebEx

WebEx is an Internet-based collaboration tool which provides live Internet streaming of meeting content to global audiences.

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