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From aerospace to healthcare and every business sector in between, TKO Video Communications has the experience and depth to help you perfect your next video conferencing, audio conferencing or satellite broadcasting event.

Our business customers have one thing in common: URGENCY. To move at the speed of business, communications systems must perform non-stop every day. And when a critical message from the CEO must be delivered, our business customers count on TKO.

For some customers we are called to rescue a video conferencing or teleconferencing network that suddenly stops working. For others we are architects designing and ensuring telecommunications networks are built to run and stand the test of time.

Whatever your need and however urgent, TKO can offer your organization the exact set of products and services that get the most out of your video conferencing, satellite broadcasting, teleconferencing and streaming networks.

Alenia - Marconi Systems, United Kingdom

TKO Project - Video Conferencing Services On a mid-summer Thursday afternoon, Alenia - Marconi called TKO with an immediate issue: their network was down and the systems that support voice mail and video communications had stopped functioning. Their Los Angeles office was the source of the problem and needed immediate assistance while the U.K. office needed longstanding remedies for its video conferencing system. TKO dispatched to both locations. Our engineers resolved the L.A. problem before nightfall after isolating and replacing a failed switching system. Then, our team performed a site survey at the U.K. office and made long needed recommendations for improvements in the U.K. video conference room.

Boeing Information Services, Alabama

TKO Project - Telecommunications Services Systems support for the Space Shuttle launches is provided by Boeing's Huntsville, Alabama facilities. Located between the runways of the Huntsville airport, Boeing has a clear view of the air traffic in and out of Huntsville. The problem was the telecommunications systems that supported Huntsville personnel did not support a clear routing table that would direct calls over Boeing's gigantic private telecommunications network. Instead, the switches routed voice calls over high cost LEC circuits and failed to route video calls over any network.

After repeatedly failing to get the manufacturer of their switching systems to make changes that would route calls over Boeing's private network, Boeing called on TKO. The unique requirements of the Boeing network were not supported by the switching systems Boeing had purchased and the manufacturer would not dispatch to assist Boeing. But, TKO's engineers did. After a weekend of work well past midnight each night, TKO was able to create a switch configuration that met Boeing's routing requirements. Finally, Boeing was able to route its high volume of Huntsville calls over its low cost internal private network.

Ernst and Young, LLP, California

TKO Project - Video Conferencing Services (urgent) Urgent service on a Saturday and Sunday was required to get an Ernst and Young (E&Y) video conference up and running by 8:00 A.M., Monday morning. TKO received a call at noon on Saturday asking for immediate help. We were at their offices within an hour.

The E&Y staff had been abandoned by their usual vendor that should have repaired the video system by Friday, before the weekend. But, with only hours remaining, E&Y called TKO from the Yellow Page listings in their local telephone directory. By 8:00 A.M., Monday TKO had repaired their network, TKO's backup systems were on hand and the video conference for 100 new E&Y interns in three cities was a success.

Kaiser Permanente Health Foundation, California

TKO Project - Telecommunications Services Network changes or upgrades are never easy and that's why Kaiser Permanente Health Foundation calls on TKO for special projects. Kaiser maintains a team of technology professionals that are unrivalled in their industry. Their team ensures doctors and nurses follow a regular program of company sponsored continuing education. To do this, Kaiser uses one of the largest distance learning video communications networks in the United States: their own.

Kaiser calls on TKO for maintenance services on their most important video switching systems that support distance learning. They also dispatch TKO whenever and wherever another vendor fails them. And, finally, when it's really important and Kaiser's own team can't solve a problem, they call on TKO to address their toughest network issues.

Bechtel Corporation, Nevada

TKO Project - Video Conferencing Equipment Local Area Networking to Wide Area Networking (LAN to WAN) is a focal point for many organizations as they try to merge networks and reduce costs. The problem is finding experts in both LAN and WAN technology with product knowledge to match. Bechtel called on TKO to solve just such a LAN to WAN problem with video conferencing.

TKO dispatched to Nevada to install and assist with the configuration of a LAN video gateway system. Shortly after arriving at the customer site, TKO proved it was possible to conduct video conferences between local area and wide area networks. The result was new confidence in our Bechtel customer that LAN and WAN video systems can co-exist in one communications network.

Turner Construction Company, New Jersey

TKO Project - Telecommunications Services (urgent) An urgent problem in New Jersey required immediate dispatch by TKO. A new Turner Construction office for over 100 personnel was completely out of telephone service because (over the weekend) their phone closet overheated and destroyed their phone switch. The company that installed the system would not dispatch a crew to repair the system urgently because it was a new model and only one of their technicians understood how to configure the system.

TKO dispatched project managers from its New York and California offices. They immediately began to work with the switch vendor, the switch manufacturer and local building staff. Within 6 hours the systems were functioning again and the new Turner office was operational with working telephones. In this case, it was not TKO's technical skills that resolved the customer problem but instead the project management team that successfully orchestrated the original vendors to respond to the outage urgently and well.

Akamai Technologies, Inc., Massachusetts

TKO Project - Telecommunications Services: Benchmark Testing A leader in content delivery technology over the Internet, Akamai Technologies developed an audio streaming service for conference calls. These streamed calls such as those conducted by Wall Street brokerage houses quickly became high demand as "Regulation D", the full disclosure regulation, required corporate financial disclosures be published to all investors simultaneously. Many companies turned to the Internet and the leading Internet content company was Akamai.

The only problem was that Akamai needed to both develop and scale their Internet streaming service immediately, or faster. Akamai had been working with TKO as they started to develop the service originally and with the pickup in demand, quickly moved product development and stress testing to TKO's Olympia Laboratories. TKO's Olympia Lab stress tested every application and upgrade to Akamai's systems. As a result, with each new software upgrade, product modification and capacity addition Akamai made to the network, quality of service remained high.

Government Projects/Services

Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory,
Sandia National Laboratory,
New Mexico Voice of America, Singapore

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