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TKO combines expert engineering with the proven technology to produce solutions that assure success in education and distance learning.

Distance Learning is a key element in education. Today's students need access to instruction from their homes, dorm rooms, and from satellite campuses. To reach these students, educators are employing a variety of technologies including video conferencing, data conferencing, remote assessment, satellite broadcasting, streaming, and local cable television broadcasts.

Understanding how to integrate these technologies into a campus communications infrastructure is challenging. While many colleges have highly skilled staff to undertake such projects, few have the operations staff to install, test, and maintain systems over time.

Our education customers are long-term customers. Their organizations have ongoing commitments to providing Distance Learning tools for instructors and students. The TKO technical team becomes an extension of their own staff.

California Institute of Technology (Caltech)

TKO Project: Video Conferencing Services (urgent)

Sometimes just making technology work today as well as it did yesterday can be a real challenge. Caltech video network operators called on TKO to assist them with doing just that. Basic Rate ISDN lines and switching systems do not always work well together especially when they are relocated daily or moved room to room. TKO's was called on and dispatched within hours to repair a video system and reinitialize Caltech's network systems. Within a remarkably short time the network was "working just like it did yesterday."

California State University, Hayward

TKO Project: Maintenance Services

Cal State Hayward staff runs a distance learning network that includes video conference systems purchased the equipment from another vendor. Over time, the CSU staff became frustrated with the service they received when they called the other vendor for help. "When we call TKO, they send a technical guy but when we call the other company for help, they send a salesman," the CSU staff proclaimed. Today, TKO provides maintenance services and technical assistance to the CSU distance learning network.

Killeen Independent School District, Texas

TKO Project: Telecommunications Services

Distance learning is key to many school technology programs but the Killeen Independent School District (KISD) in Texas was experiencing chronic problems using theirs. They were unable to conduct quality distance learning with a local university over their video conferencing network. Their trusted vendor, Sprint, had assisted in trying to resolve the problem but the problem persisted. Finally, as a last resort, Sprint called in TKO and telecom vendors from across the country to solve the problem.

TKO worked with Sprint's staff orchestrating tests and adjustments deep within the telecom network supporting KISD. After a day and night of work, at nearly 4:00 A.M., TKO discovered a timing problem between networks and the network was stabilized. Shortly thereafter, other "small" problems KISD had been living with for months on their voice telephone network disappeared. Today, with a very happy KISD customer, TKO and Sprint continue to work together maintaining the KISD distance learning video conferencing network.

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TKO provides audio conferencing, video conferencing software and equipment (Polycom, Tandberg, Cisco Systems, Initia AccessSwitch, Radvision), outsourcing and event management including satellite broadcasting, and both video and audio streaming. In addition, we offer training in video conferencing and telecommunications.

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