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Government business is important business and when their systems have to work, govenment calls on TKO.

Countless civilian and military personnel run advanced video and teleconferencing networks. TKO provides audio/video teleconferencing, satellite broadcasting, streaming and video-on-demand services to government customers.

TKO customers span all forms of government agencies and departments. We offer services to enable secure telecommunications networking and we stitch together legacy systems. TKO offers highly skilled engineers, top quality video conferencing, teleconferencing, satellite broadcasting, products, services and training. All of our products and services are available at preferred pricing to city, county, state and federal agencies (including all branches of the armed forces).

Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, California

TKO Project: Maintenance Services

High productivity video conferencing and bridging systems run 24 hours a day at Lawrence Berkeley National Lab (LBNL). LBNL links scientists at universities around the globe using video conferencing. Their systems are engineered for 99% uptime and they count on TKO for daily engineering support to make that a reality. TKO engineers remotely monitor LBNL systems, advising customer personnel of even occasional clock slips that may affect video communications. As system performance shows signs of decay, TKO's urgent service team is dispatched before the problem becomes customer affecting.

Sandia National Laboratory, New Mexico

TKO Project: Telecommunications Services

Video communications over Basic Rate ISDN can be extremely economical, especially if the ISDN lines are run from your own switching systems. That is, unless your wiring infrastructure is in need of attention. To assess whether BRI video communications were feasible at their facilities, Sandia personnel asked TKO to evaluate the cable infrastructure and make recommendations. TKO's long experience with ISDN and video communications made our team the natural source for performing this work.

Voice of America, Singapore

TKO Project: Video Conferencing Equipment

After repeatedly failing to get the manufacturer of their switching systems to make changes that would route calls over Boeing's private network, Boeing called on TKO. The unique requirements of the Boeing network were not supported by the switching systems Boeing had purchased and the manufacturer would not dispatch to assist Boeing. But, TKO's engineers did. After a weekend of work well past midnight each night, TKO was able to create a switch configuration that met Boeing's routing requirements. Finally, Boeing was able to route its high volume of Huntsville calls over its low cost internal private network.

Business Projects/Services

Akamai Technologies, Alenia - Marconi Systems, Bechtel, Boeing Information Systems, Ernst & Young, Kaiser Permanente, Turner Construction
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TKO Video Communications

TKO provides business and government teleconferencing services, video conferencing equipment, outsourcing and event management including satellite broadcasting, and both video and audio streaming. In addition, we offer telecommunications training and video conference training.

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