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Priority Support - SP04 Service

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Priority Support - SP04

Next-Day Onsite Repair & Exchange of Components

Plan Details

  1. Includes Toll Free technical telephone support.
  2. Includes next-day onsite exchange of components diagnosed as defective by TKO.
  3. Includes exchanges that perform the same function as the equipment replaced.
  4. Includes TKO repair of components that fail while under service
  5. Includes service support that follows daylight savings time hours.
  6. Includes TKO managed Return Materials Authorizations.
  7. Includes TKO Alarm Management and System Reports on a weekly basis.

Hours of Operation and Response:

  1. Immediate answer by skilled technician or at most a one-hour callback time.
  2. Hours are Monday through Friday 8:30am to 5:30pm (PST/PDT as applicable.)
  3. Onsite replacement provides next business day component replacement by a skilled TKO technician for failures diagnosed prior to 3:00pm (customer time).
  4. Replacement for service failures diagnosed after 3:00pm (customer time) will be made by TKO before 3:00pm of the 2nd business day following the diagnosis


  1. Weekends and National Holidays.
  2. Coordination of services to outside vendors such as telecommunications companies.
  3. Determination of compatibility levels or interface issues with non-covered equipment.
  4. On-site or remote help for issues which are not directly related to component failures.
  5. After hours support during the period 5:30pm to 8:30am (PST/PDT as applicable.)

Service Fees:

  1. One time annual fee per network, which includes specific supported components.
  2. Products added to customer networks beyond those required to repair a service outage will be billed at the then current prices.

TKO reserves the right to charge customer at then current time and expense/materials rates for any customer requested service which is outside the scope of this service offering.

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