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Town Hall Meetings

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  • Interactive session with special significance to hosts and participants
  • Remote viewers become engaged due to the lively host site interaction
  • Onsite meeting support is well planned and rehearsed prior to the session
  • Advance planning, testing and even event setup are generally required

A business Town Hall Meeting is similar to meeting styles popularized by political candidates. A key aspect of a Town Hall Meeting that differentiates it from other meetings is lively and direct audience participation, often with a speaker circulating among audience members. A town hall meeting is one in which presenters generally provide information on a range of topics all of which relate to the host organization. As such, executive staff members are usually assembled in one location (typically a large audience location) and they interact with the audience as they present their materials.

Key elements of Town Hall meetings include special audio/visual aids such as multiple large monitors or projection images of the presenters and their information. Presenters need mobility as they move about the audience or stage and so wireless microphones are commonly required. What is less obvious is audience support. In a Town Hall style meeting, the audience is an integral part of the presentation. Their questions, responses and reactions to the presentations become a focal point of the meeting itself.

These factors taken together require special attention from the technical staff in the planning and setup of audio visual systems. In these forums special attention to camera and microphone access is applied to both presenter and audience members. Good planning and venue selection make this all work well even with the many challenges Town Hall Meetings present.

TKO Services

Our team of event managers, technicians and engineers will work with you from agenda formulation to stage setup and distribution of recordings. We will apply our skill and know-how to make recommendations for venue selection, setup and communications tools to help you reach a large audience. In fact, our specialty is in the important area of making video and audio communications work to reach large audiences. We can assist you in your primary presentation location with cameras and microphones and in-room technical support. Plus, we can also capture the Town Hall interactions and transmit them using webcasts (live video streaming), video conferencing equipment or by satellite broadcast to remote audiences.

  • Site/Venue Survey prior to Town Hall
  • Onsite assistance in advance of Town Hall to configure room and systems
  • Audio / Visual systems and setup including cameras, lighting, microphones and sound systems
  • Recording equipment in Standard or High Definition for reproduction on digital media such as DVD's
  • Broadcasting equipment and services over the Internet (webcasting) or via video conference or satellite broadcast