TKO productions include-

  • multipoint worldwide video conferencing
  • advance planning and testing
  • onsite technical support throughout the event
  • video, audio, and presentation support
  • easy access for telephone participants
  • live Internet streaming and collaboration

Town Hall Meeting
Connecting all participants into one interactive event

  • An interactive meeting that features a speaker circulating among in-house audience members
  • Internet streaming includes remote meeting attendees
  • Internet-generated comments and questions are added to the Q&A session
  • Requires integration of network, audio, video, and lighting elements for success

All-Hands Meeting
Broadcasting to a global audience

  • A virtual gathering of all employees worldwide
  • An efficient and effective method of corporate communications
  • Enables the same message to be delivered at the same time
  • Overcomes the challenges of schedule coordination and travel costs

Panel Forums
Multiple speakers, multiple presentations

  • A coordinated group of speakers with presentations
  • Combines in-room presentations with Streaming for a distributed audience
  • Mulitple audio inputs facilitate a dynamic dialog among panel forum members
  • An effective way to present industry roundtable and conference breakout meetings

Audio Conferencing
Connect hundreds of callers on a single conference call

  • Monitor audio quality for the duration of the event
  • Break-out groups of participants can be created
  • Provide individual attention to volume levels of all callers
  • Operator staffing available
Services, Outsourcing, Testing
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