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Full-Time Technical Services

When you need to maintain a building or campus that uses video conferencing and collaboration tools, the specialized skills needed to keep things up and running can be in short supply.

Many video conference and collaboration networks experience limited success because the role is assigned to either the IT team or the Facilities staff.

Video communication is its own science and expanding rapidly. Successful video communications management requires targeted technical expertise. Whether you develop this expertise internally or hire an outside provider, concentrating knowledge in your video communications staff is essential.

Concentrated know-how onsite, right away

TKO will respond within hours with a cost estimate and within days with a member of our technical team to manage your entire video communications, collaboration, and conference room architecture. We are authorized resellers of Cisco, Polycom, LifeSize, and Sony products but are not limited to those products only. Our team is skilled in installations, integrations with sound and display systems, and daily operation of complicated video networks.

Most projects begin with a visit from our advance team of technical experts. This highly specialized team typically enacts immediate operational procedures to ensure successful conferences quickly. Over time the advance team members migrate the operation of the network to either your staffers or ours, all of whom are carefully trained to ensure successful daily operation of video and collaboration tools.

TKO's full-time technicians can:

  • Arrive quickly and ensure successful conferencing and collaboration within days
  • Completely manage video conferencing systems and conference room equipment
  • Fully troubleshoot equipment failures, urgent problems, and networking issues
  • Provide ongoing event support for special meetings such as All-Hands meetings or CEO briefings
  • Manage regular system maintenance and quality assurance that may be difficult for your own staff

About TKO

TKO Video Communications provides certified technical staffing support onsite at your facilities, supplemental rental equipment, video and collaboration training, and special event support. We specialize in long-term onsite technical support and equipment maintenance services. We make video and collaboration networks work and accomplish this with expertly trained technical staff members.

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