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Part-Time Technical Services

When video conferencing and collaboration are important tools for your employees, the staff that supports these systems is important to your employees.

Communications systems include video conferencing equipment, audio teleconferencing services, projectors, connectors, cables, microphones, clean white boards, and working "dry erase" markers too. All of these components multiplied by many conference rooms can make effective management impossible.

The task of supporting conference rooms is often divided among staff members who have no specific training in video communications. A key staffer running the electronic equipment may not attend to tasks such as projector bulb replacement, cabling problems, and white board supplies.

TKO provides both deep technical support for the most complex video communications systems and light technical assistance for cable management and room set up too. We provide this support on both a full time and part time basis.

Highly Qualified Technical Team

A TKO part time technical expert dispatched to your site is a thoroughly trained member of our team. When our tech experts are not onsite assisting customers they are training, testing, evaluating, and repairing equipment. You can rely on our team's technical expertise - contact us today for immediate help with your most troublesome tasks.

TKO's part-time technicians can:

  • Help manage video conferencing systems and conference room equipment
  • Help troubleshoot equipment failures, urgent problems, and networking issues
  • Provide "key day" event support when your team cannot be everywhere at once
  • Provide regular systems and room checkups to improve reliability

About TKO

TKO Video Communications provides full and part time technical staffing, rental equipment, training and event support for video networks. We provide short-term urgent technical support and continuing onsite professional services. We make video and collaboration networks work and do this with our expertly trained technology team. Our team is readily available to help you.

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