Managing your own video communications networks can be difficult because the skills required are extremely specialized. A good video communications technician or engineer is knowledgeable about a deep mix of networking, audio/visual, and data collaboration systems and their inter-operation. These are not skills generally found in an IT or Facilities staff member. Video Communications is real time and so delayed packets or sloppiness in architecture can cause real problems. The Science of Video Communications is unique and challenging in ways that are very different than those found in IT management. We can help.

Choose the level of support you need:

  • Urgent Service - Immediate support remotely using TKO's video bridges and systems
  • Urgent Dispatch - Immediate technician dispatch to your facilities to solve problems
  • Periodic or Part Time support - supplement or enhance your own staff's capabilities
  • Event Support - Special Technical assistance during the most demanding events
  • Onsite Services - Full and part time onsite technical support to run and manage your network

TKO's tech experts can:

  • Manage video conferencing endpoints and conference room equipment
  • Troubleshoot known equipment failures, periodic problems and networking issues
  • Maintain your current video conferencing systems and associated infrastructure equipment
  • Provide training and recommend best practices to ensure conference reliability
  • Provide and install Cisco, Polycom, LifeSize, Sony and other communications systems

About TKO

TKO Video Communications provides outsourcing, equipment, training and event support for video networks. We provide short-term urgent support and continuing onsite full and part time professional services. Our team's job is to make video and collaboration networks run well and we do this with expertly trained and experienced technical staff.

More About Outsourcing

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