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Outsourcing for Audio Conferencing Services

Audio Conferencing today facilitates collaboration.

Managing you own audio conferencing network that includes establishing many user accounts and providing a positive user experience can be challenging. Most conference network users expect to have collaboration tools available too.


You can choose an outside service provider to host teleconference calls on an external network or choose a vendor as an inside service provider on your own network with your own equipment.

Each choice offers advantages and disadvantages.

audio conferencing outsourcing

Outside Service Providers


  • Easy and fast startup
  • Helpdesk user support
  • Systems upgrades are included
  • Distribution of user ID's and passwords


  • Lack of confidentiality for meeting content
  • Little control over network price changes

Inside Service Providers


  • High level of service and confidentiality
  • Quality is easily monitored and reported
  • Upgrade costs and known with few surprises


  • Two month start up time is typical
  • Start up costs are high

TKO is your source for both methods of audio conferencing outsourcing. Contact us to discuss your needs.

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TKO Video Communications provides professional grade video and audio conference technical staffing, video communications equipment, and collaboration tools. We specialize in making video and audio communications work reliably for small and large enterprises.

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