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Video Conferencing Technology -1 Day

This training course covers different technologies surrounding H320/H.323 video conferencing, including which technology are up and coming and those that are time proven.

TKO's hands on training will give you the opportunity to place calls, tear down calls, analyze calls and provision a videoconferencing system for PRI, BRI, V.35 and IP interfaces. In our laboratories we will conduct calls, which will traverse WAN and LAN networks and demonstrate the different components needed to make video conferencing work on both H.320 and H.323. We also review operation of H.320/H.323 Gateways.

This comprehensive interactive course is ideal for users having some familiarity with video conference networks involving Tandberg, Radvision, Polycom, Accord, PictureTel, CLI, Zydacron, VCON and Sony.

The training course includes the following:

  • Video conferencing hierarchy
  • State of today's video conferencing technology
  • NTSC and PAL scan conversion
  • Using/Provisioning H.320/H.323 Codecs
  • Using/Provisioning a Gateway/Gatekeeper
  • Using/Provisioning Multipoint Conferencing Units (MCU)
  • Bonding Mode 1 negotiations
  • Video Algorithms (H.261/H.263)
  • Audio Algorithms (G.711/G.722/G.728)
  • Streaming capabilities

This course may be taken in conjunction with

Recommended for: Operators of video conferencing systems including schedulers or IT and Telecom specialists, event managers using video conferencing and network administrators.

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TKO Video Communications

TKO offers video conferencing software and equipment (Cisco Systems, Radvision, Tandberg, Sony, Initia AccessSwitch, Polycom), outsourcing and event management. TKO also provides satellite broadcasting, video and audio streaming and audio conferencing services.