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How Video Conferencing Systems Work -1 Day

This training course covers the history and theories of video conferencing systems and introduces users and managers to basic concepts. TKO's hands on environment gives the users a real understanding of the basics behind video conferencing.

This course covers the theories and operations of modern video conferencing systems and will improve the performance of any system operator.

The training course includes the following:

  • Overview of video conferencing today
  • Television versus video conferencing
  • Compression technologies
  • Introduction to the North American Numbering Plan (NANP)
  • Key elements of a dial plan
  • Essential elements of video conference
  • Video conference hierarchy
  • Video conference topologies
  • Point-to-Point versus Multi-point video conference
  • Inverse Multiplexing
  • Video conference interfaces (PRI/BRI/V.35/RS449)
  • Bandwidth overview and benefits
  • H.320 versus H.323 video conferencing
  • Gateway/Gatekeeper concepts

This course may be taken in conjunction with

Recommended for: Users and managers of video conferencing systems. Procurement specialists and video conference sales representatives.

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