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Telecommunications Training

TKO has developed a hands-on telecommunications training track for professionals. The courses can be taken individually in one-day increments or collectively as a sequence of classes. The entire telecommunications track can be taken in less than five workdays.

telecommunications training

TKO's Courses

Every class TKO offers is one day or less in length. And, students can attend multiple classes one day after another to string together just the level of knowledge they require. Each of our classes builds on the previous one. You will learn the basics on day one and progress in technical depth with each additional day of training. Yet, each class is self-contained so a student that needs specific training can attend just the class required.

Telecommunications Training Track:


All classes are held at our corporate headquarters in San Jose, California. On-site training is available for groups of 8 or more and require 90 days advance notice.

Fees and Scheduling

Please visit our fees and schedules for more information.


So that we can better assess your individual or group training needs please contact us at 1 (800) 216-3476 for further details and reservations.

TKO Video Communications

TKO also provides video conferencing equipment (Initia, Tandberg, Polycom, Sony and more), outsourcing and event management including satellite broadcasting, video and audio streaming and audio conferencing services.