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How Telecommunications Systems Work - 1 Day/Course 2

This action-packed course dives right into telecommunications systems and how they work. In one day you will learn the basics of how telephones, modems, digital phone lines and even ISDN work. TKO's hands-on exercises give every student the ability to make connections and route calls.

This course includes modern switching systems theories and operations, and will improve the performance of anyone that works with telecommunications systems.

This training course includes:

  • How telephones work
  • How telephone switches work
  • How telephone switches work
  • Basic Rate ISDN (BRI)
  • Primary Rate ISDN (PRI)
  • Q.921 and Q.931 protocols
  • Switching systems classes and their orientations
  • North American Numbering Plan (NANP)
  • Creating your own dial plan versus the NANP
  • Ports and Trunks and why they matter
  • Private call routing and what it means to you
  • Making your telecommunications systems work

Recommended for: IT and telecom students, IT technicians and managers, operators of telecommunications networks and telecommunications procurement specialists.

May be taken in conjunction with:

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