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Video Conferencing Troubleshooting - 1 Day

Solidify your video conferencing troubleshooting knowledge in one technology-packed day. The day starts with an in-depth review of telecom and video networking and finishes with hands-on troubleshooting. Students face challenges that help them solve the most common and complex video conferencing problems.

This course includes call traces and in-depth routing analysis plus key technology troubleshooting for ISDN, T1 and IP. TKO's hands-on labs will provide students with key discoveries to pinpoint failures and help them troubleshoot similar problems back home.

The training course includes:

  • Video conferencing hierarchy
  • North American Numbering Plan (NANP)
  • In-depth analysis of video conferencing technologies
  • Q.921 and Q.931 ISDN analysis and data traces
  • ISDN Cause Codes and what they really mean
  • Network Alternatives BRI/T1/PRI/E1, IP and Satellite
  • H.320/H.323 troubleshooting techniques
  • Troubleshooting with Multi-point Conferencing Units (MCU)
  • Bonding failure analysis Gateway/Gatekeeper functions

May be taken in conjunction with:

Recommended for: Systems integrators, IT technicians, specialists and engineers.

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