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accessswitch 200
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The AccessSwitch 200 (M200) can provide PSTN switching capabilities for large business and government sites, including research and development laboratories. The multi-slotted system includes 19 expansion slots for system customization. The M200 can be customized to support a near limitless number of applications and test environments.

The AccessSwitch 200 supports a maximum of 140 network interfaces depending on type and bandwidth. Plug-in communication cards include quad digital network interfaces for T1, ISDN Primary Rate, E1 Primary Rate; quad high-speed synchronous data modules that support inverse multiplexing (V.35, RS449, X.21); octal ISDN Basic Rate interfaces (U, ST) and H.320 MCU (Multipoint Control Units) for video conferencing applications.

Customer Support

TKO Video Communications offers service plans, technical support and training for the entire product line of AccessSwitch products and software. Our Urgent Service team is available to answer questions, assist with remote telephone support and to provide onsite technical support at customer facilities. Through the use of modems for remote access, our Urgent Service team can configure, modify and repair switch configurations quickly. Our engineers are available continuously for all AccessSwitch owners.

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AccessSwitch Model 200 - Advantages

  • Up to 80 T1/E1/Primary Rate ISDN (PRI) connections
  • Up to 72 inverse multiplex ports
  • Up to 72 Synchronous interface ports for V.35, RS449, or X.21 connections
  • Supports the large, multi-network, multi service provider networks
  • Power supply redundancy for mission-critical applications
  • Hot swappable interface cards allow customized configuration of ports

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