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PCS-1/PCS-11 Review (Same Technology - Different Utilization)

The most advanced video conferencing technologies are bundled by Sony into two of the most reliable audio and video communications systems, the Sony PCS-1 and PCS-11. These products are truly a step ahead of the market. The PCS-1 and PCS-11 are two of the most sophisticated, powerful and easy-to-use products at their respective price points available from any manufacturer in the video communications industry.

Same Technology - Different Utilization

The PCS-1 and the PCS-11 series are built on the same video conferencing technology platform. Both systems utilize the same camera and microphone and have the same form factor. The PCS-1, however, is built to support higher bandwidth calls for multipoint calls while the PCS-11 is primarily suited as an endpoint system offering excellent picture quality at low cost. Further, the PCS-1 has a dedicated whiteboard input jack and it can support concurrent dual stream video including live video of meeting participants and live data - both simultaneously.

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Review Features PCS-1/ PCS-11

Below are quick comparisons as well as contrasts of the technical features for the PCS-1 and PCS-1

Features & Benefits PCS-1 PCS-11
High Speed Connection
Benefit - High speed network connection - ISDN or IP networks
Up to 2Mbps IP
or 768Kbps ISDN
Up to 1Mbps IP
or 768Kbps ISDN
Audio Protocols
Benefit - Superb audio quality for clear communications
MPEG-4 compliant
Video Protocols
Benefit - ITU-T standard (including H.264) - Excellent video
quality at lower data rates
Built-in Encryption
Benefit - Built-in Encryption (128-bit AES). Protects the privacy of your business communication - Same encryption as the NSA
Built-in MCU
Benefit - PCS-1 can host multipoint calls - up to 6 sites; link two systems for 10 sites
Codec and Camera
Benefit - Separate Codec and Camera. Flexible installation options to optimize your Sony system
2nd Camera Control
Benefit - Covers a large meeting or other specific needs
Far-end Camera Control
Benefit - Control the view of your room as if you are there
Video Outputs
Benefit - PCS-1 use standard television, PC, data projector or other monitor device.. PCS-11 uses television monitor only
QoS Technology
Benefit - Built-in QoS technology (ARC, ARQ) to improve and maintain picture and sound quality
Memory Stick™
Benefit - Allows presentation documents and photos to be displayed in 4CIF format
Data Solutions Box
Benefits - makes it easy to share PC files, allows the PCS-1 to transfer screen shots from PCs to remote sites.
Digital Whiteboard
Benefits - Mimio™ enables you to digitally capture notes or drawings from a digital whiteboard.
Improved Data Collaboration
Benefits - Offers a variety of choices to incorporate your presentation material
T-120 NetMeeting
Benefits - Allows data sharing and true collaboration in real time

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