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System - Operating Temperatures

The days of noisy fans and large cabinets for video conferencing equipment are over and along with them have ended an era of endless reliability. While fan noise and large cabinets (some of which resembled small refrigerators) had their drawbacks, they did serve a purpose - reliability.

Operating Temperatures and Performance

In most electronic systems, operating temperatures clearly affect performance. As temperatures rise, performance declines. This is especially true for video conferencing system where the speed and performance of chip sets influences the video and audio quality that video conferencing users see and hear.

While video conferencing technology has progressed greatly and quality of both video and audio are much better than just a few years ago, today's small enclosures and higher temperatures have reduced the operational life of a system.

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Heat and Reliability

TKO Video Communications operates a service desk for network video communications and we are dispatched to solve problems of all kinds. Heat is a one problem we cannot solve unless we relocate a system into a room or enclosure that is cooled continuously. This solution can greatly increase the reliability of systems and system uptime.

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