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Outside Service Providers

video conferencing outsourcing

An Outside Service provider generally maintains a technical staff at their own location. They often provide a helpdesk function, maintenance services and some even provide meeting connection services. Many outside service providers offer their services only to organizations that have 'certified' video equipment to run on the service provider network. This enables the Outside Service provider to assure that video connections will likely succeed because in their certification process, they note the configuration of systems that enabled the successful connections.


  • Acts as an extension of your staff by providing remote helpdesk staffing and training assistance.
  • Provides high cost infrastructure equipment for your use on the Outside Service Provider network and lower costs to you.
  • Some Outside Service Providers can arrange meeting venues and outside conference room rental for remote video conferences.
  • Provide technical assistance immediately to help make successful video connections; very little delay from 1st contact to startup assistance.


  • Outside Service Provider staff may never actually visit your site or meet your employees so their service is not personalized.
  • Certification of your systems on a service providers network can take time and be a lengthy process which can negate a speed advantage.
  • Outside Service Providers may not staff their best technicians during your primary work hours; especially if they provide 7x24 hour support.
  • Managing service levels and significantly elevating your video communications quality requires your internal staff performing work with technical advise and direction from the Outside Service Provider. This works but you will be relying on some of the same internal staff that may have caused the need for outside support.

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