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Intelligent Switch

intelligent switch
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The Intelligent Switch (ISDN access switch) is uniquely designed for distributed video conferencing networks. Using the Intelligent switch for video conference networkdistribution of Primary Rate or Basic Rate ISDN (PRI or BRI) can be extremely cost effective. Business and government agencies use the Intelligent switch in to distribute network where it is needed, economically.

Technical Support and Product Availability

TKO provides technical support, diagnostic assistance and one of the largest inventories (worldwide) of replacement parts for the Intelligent Switch and other AccessSwitch (ISDN access switch) products. Contact us for further information and availability.

Intelligent Switch - Advantages

  • Support for a wide range of interfaces for existing video and data equipment, thus eliminating the need to purchase new equipment (V.35, RS449, BRI, PRI, T1).
  • Designed to connect new, low-cost videoconferencing group systems with legacy voice, video and data equipment. All systems can be routed through a single circuit (T1/PRI) or set of circuits such as BRI's.
  • Local or remote configuration, provisioning and management.

Intelligent Switch - Features

  • Interfaces with public and private, switched and dedicated T1 or ISDN Primary Rate lines
  • Provides protocol translation between network types such as CAS T1 to PRI D channel
  • Multiple DTMF receivers to receive E&M signalling for intermachine trunking between PBXs
  • Two (2) V.35 high speed synchronous ports
  • Two (2) RS366 Dial Ports
  • Built-in protocol trace (Q.931/Q.921) analyzer
  • Eight (8) ISDN BRI S/T interfaces
  • Three (3) T1/PRI network interfaces
  • Supports multiple dial plans (NANP and Private VPN)
  • Remote network management with AccessWare NMC

The Intelligent Switch provides economical WAN access including trunking to the public network from terminals using PRI, BRI and even analog connections (via a channel bank.) All these network technologies are powered by a remarkably intelligent switch that can operate as a DMS100, DMS200, 5ESS, 4ESS local or tandem switching platform.

TKO Video Communications

TKO provides outsourcing, equipment, services and technical support for local, national and global video conferencing networks. TKO Video Communications also provides audio and video streaming, audio and video conferencing, satellite broadcasting and event management. We distinguish ourselves from all vendors in the video communications industry by providing important related services such as video network outsourcing, video system maintenance and service plans, video streaming, archiving and event management.

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