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ISDN switching systems have been in use since the mid-1980's. Due to the growing demand for small, inexpensive ISDN switch type systems, Teleos Teleos - Model 20, 60 and 200 Communications Inc. developed the popular AccessSwitch (ISDN access switch) product line. Their ISDN switch family included the Model 20, Model 60 and Model 200. These quality products offered Primary and Basic Rate ISDN in addition to E1 and T1 signaling. Further, they offer syncronous interfaces for high-speed bandwidth allocation to routers and video conferencing systems over private networks.

In 1996 Madge Networks, N.V. a manufacturer of high quality Token Ring LAN products acquired Teleos Communications. In this endeavor, Madge extended its product line from LAN to WAN by merging their LAN vision with the AccessSwitch products. Madge then began an ambitious effort to merge LAN and WAN technologies at the desktop by developing products that could serve ATM to the individual client from a common platform. When ATM faded from focus as a technology that would be deployed to user's desktops, Madge lessened its focus on LAN to WAN technologies and later spun off the AccessSwitch product line.

Technical Support and Product Availability

TKO offers technical support, diagnostic assistance and one of the largest inventories (worldwide) of upgrades and replacement parts for the Teleos AccessSwitch product line. We offer upgrades, spare parts and system support from the highest caliber technical specialists. Contact us for further information and availability.

AccessSwitch Modules

Teleos developed three switching product platforms (two with changeable plug-in modules - the Model 60 and 200).

  • Teleos Model 20 - Switching capabilities for branch office sites or individual floors of large buildings.
  • Teleos Model 60 - Designed for medium size corporate sites, regional, and international locations.
  • Teleos Model 200 - Ideal for large corporate sites, regional, and international locations and network hubs including building distribution of source networks.
  • Cards/Modules -OBIU, OBIU-U, MCU4, SAIU, BRIU, PRIU, VTIU, INP, INP4, INP4D, INP4/4T, QDIU, QEIU, QDIU-EX, DDIU-EX, DEIU-EX, SEIU-EX, QRVX and DRVX. Some of the above cards have been upgraded to newer versions; please contact TKO in for upgrades or replacements.

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