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LifeSize Conference™

LifeSize Conference´┐Ż is the affordable, accessible telepresence solution for your growing organization. The system incorporates the high quality and reliability found in existing LifeSize designed endpoints. LifeSize Conference provides organizations, integrators and AV consultants the HD video infrastructure necessary to create custom telepresence suites.

Features and Benefits:

  • High Definition Telepresence Quality
  • Supports Multiple Monitor Array
  • Multiple HD Cameras
  • Conference Room Telepresence Configurations
  • Embedded 4 way Multipoint
  • Embedded Voice Activated Switching (VAS)

Accommodating multiple displays, up to three HD cameras, and integrating a touchscreen control panel, LifeSize Conference creates a telepresence environment that is powerful yet simple to use. Unlike custom telepresence suites that can only communicate with identical systems, LifeSize Conference is standards compliant and can interoperate with nearly any videoconferencing system. Multiple paticipants in multiple locations can be included in conference, a feature not available in telepresence suites costing hundreds of thousands of dollars. Presentations, documents and multimedia can easily be shared with all participants with a click of the remote. LifeSize Conference delivers stunning high definition video -- 30 frames per second and 1280x720 screen resolution. But high definition is more than a set of specifications. High definition lets you do more, travel less, and be present.

For more information on LifeSize Conference telepresence solution or other LifeSize products, please email or call 1-800-216-3476

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