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LifeSize Control™

LifeSize Control™ is advanced management software for all your video communications devices. The application includes performance monitoring, multi-point & point-to-point conference scheduling, report generation, and a host of other features useful in optimizing your communications resources in a single or multi-manufacturer environment. Export this information in useful formats, such as PDF & Excel, for your management team to analyze how your network is used. Microsoft.Net framework ensures maximum security and scalability while providing simple accessibility for all LifeSize Control users.

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Product Highlights:

  • Multiple Vendor Support incl. LifeSize, Tandberg, Polycom and Codian
  • Web based, Flash GUI for maximum compatibility
  • Centralized Software Updates for endpoints
  • Graphical and Data reporting for export in PDF, HTML, Excel and CSV
  • Conference Scheduling for point-to-point and multipoint meetings
  • Directory Services for integration with databases

LifeSize Control Specifications:

Communications Management Software

  • Multi-vendor H.323 and H.320 standards-based systems including:
  • LifeSize®, Polycom®, TANDBERG™ and Codian™ systems.

Web Based GUI

  • Multiple view options and graphical and network maps
  • Local language support

Real-Time Status

  • Real-time alarms
  • Email and cell phone notifications

Software Upgrades and Group Templates

  • Centralized software upgrades of groups or individual systems.
  • Templates for multiple environments such as beta, production, etc.

Scheduling Specs

  • Web browser scheduling interface
  • Automatic time zone adjustments
  • Add external participants
  • Modify, initiate, and terminate meetings

Directory Services

  • Import and export user directories
  • Multiple vendor address book formats
  • E.164 support
  • Hierarchical address books
  • Open LDAP and active directory support

Automatic Call Establishment™ (ACE)

  • Intelligent call set up and automatic re-routing. No forward call planning for point-to-point to large multipoint calls


  • Templates and customizable reporting
  • Usage, inventory, diagnostic and audit reporting on call detail records (CDR)
  • Specific data and graphical report
  • Export to common, useful formats like Excel, PDF, HTML, CSV

Standards based, Open Platform

  • Microsoft.NET™ architecture
  • Integrates with industry standard databases: MSDE™ and Microsoft SQL™ Server
  • Database backup


  • Active Directory
  • Transaction, audit, and secure storage features
  • Conditional access for engineers, admins, and operators

Server Hardware Requirements:

  • Windows Server™ 2003 system
  • Microsoft Active Directory

LifeSize Control supports the following server configurations:

  • For support of up to 100 devices: single processor 2.66 GHz machine; 1 GB RAM; 80 GB hard disk drive
  • For support of up to 5000 devices: dual processor 2.66 GHz machine; 4 GB RAM; 160 GB hard disk drive

Client Requirements:

  • Microsoft Internet Explorer or Apple Safari Adobe
  • Flash plug-in

Licensing Options:

  • Seat and Site Licenses available

Customers can obtain more details on LifeSize Control software by calling 1.800.216.3476 or email

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