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LifeSize Networker™

LifeSize Networker™ is an IP-ISDN gateway that allows users to connect their LifeSize systems to legacy endpoints still using H.320. It enables VTC administrators and users to effectively and affordably connect to anyone anywhere. Used with a LifeSize Room or LifeSize Team, this device supports up to 4 BRI or 1 PRI ISDN network interface in a single, small, user friendly package. For seamless IP to ISDN communications, the LifeSize Networker is the gateway of choice for your LifeSize endpoint.

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Features and Benefits:

  • Communicate between IP and ISDN networks
  • Compact interface and design
  • Simple, User Friendly Management
  • Affordable way to connect and leverage all your network resources
  • Efficient Power over Ethernet (POE)
  • LifeSize unparalleled HD quality and reliability

Networker Product Specifications:

System Components

  • Supports a single call up to maximum of:
  • 8B channels (512 kbps) on the BRIs (S/T)
  • 18B channels (1.152 Mbps) on the PRI (E1/T1)

Endpoints Supported

  • LifeSize Room and LifeSize Team to any:
  • ISDN (H.320) video and audio end points via ISDN to IP (H.323) video and audio end points

Gateway Features

  • H.323 Call Routing to ISDN
  • H.320 Call Routing to IP
  • H.323 Call Routing to IP via ISDN
  • Automatic ISDN downspeeding to available IP or ISDN rates at call setup

ISDN Call Features

  • Supports ETSI/NAT variants (AT&T 4ess, AT&T 5ess, Nortel DMS 100, ETSI, NI, NTT )
  • Auto SPID detection (Only on National ISDN)
  • Supports Hong Kong PRI

Dual Video Support

  • Standards-based H.239 support for dual streaming support for presentations and collaboration for H.320 and H.323

Video Standards

  • H.263, H.264

Audio Standards

  • G.711 (A-Law/U-Law), G.722, G.722.1 (24kbps/32 kbps)

Additional Supported Standards

  • H.221, H.230, H.239, H.242, H.320, H.323, Bonding (ISO 13871)

Video Resolutions

  • Supports all H.320 video resolutions including CIF, 4CIF, SIF, 2SIF, 4SIF, HD

Network Interfaces

  • 4 x BRI (RJ-45) S/T
  • 1 x PRI T1/E1 (RJ-45)
  • 1 x PRI T1/E1 (RJ-45)

System Management

  • Management via embedded Web server using HTTPS


  • Flash-based Web management tool
  • Administrator password protection
  • SNMP alerts
  • Ability to disable IP services and Telnet

System Design

  • Physical Dimensions
  • Height: 42 mm / 1.65 in
  • Width: 215 mm / 8.46 in
  • Depth: 190 mm / 7.48 in
  • Weight: 1.043 Kg / 2.2 lbs

For more information on LifeSize Networker or other LifeSize products, call 1.800.216.3476 or email

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